Charlotte Roy        

Charlotte Roy

My CV  
I’m a postdoc to the Applied Cognitive Psychology Group at Ulm University, Germany, working with Marc Ernst. In 2017, I got my PhD at EuroMov at Montpellier University, France, working with Simone Dalla Bella and Julien Lagarde.  
During my PhD, I focused on the effect of multisensory integration on humans in movement. See: 2019 Psychological Research Paper and 2017 Brain and Cognition paper
I am now working on human behavior while they navigate in space and time. The three main lines of my postdoc focus on:
I obtained two grants. One, as a principal investigator to investigate human navigation in 3D with a specific focus on behavioral experiments and modelling. The second one, as an associate-researcher in a European Grant (CrwodDNA, FET-OPEN) investigating human behavior in a crowd. My PhD was funded by a fellowship from the French Ministry that I obtained in 2013.

I enjoy hiking, cooking and dancing.



3D Human Navigation experiment

Walking In Circle experiment